Hana Yori Dango VS Boys Over Flowers

Sadly, I’m not a hardcore HYD fan, since I haven’t read the series…I read the last five chapters, but I doubt that counts for anything. But that’s besides the point. This is probably gonna be a rant about how horrible I think BOF is. There’s probably gonna be a billion fangirls who want to cut me into little pieces for saying that, but I don’t give a damn ’bout them. Haters gonna hate! Anyway! Hana Yori Dango AKA Boys Over Flowers is a live action drama…based on this super duper popular Shoujo  花より男子.  There’s 5 different dramas for this story, but I’ll only be talking about HYD  (Japanese) and BOF (Korean).

Wiki: HYD
So HYD is probably one of my favorite series. Why? Cuz the cast is amazing. The two main characters, played by (Inoue Mao and Jun Matsumoto) have great chemistry and you actually get to see how their relationship develop. And as for the rest of the F4 gang, they all play some role throughout the series, well…except for Akira, poor guy has barely any major stuff. Point is, the whole series focuses on the development of the unexpected couple, and the shit they all have to go through. Character development!…I think that’s right. Well anyway, you actually end up developing some kind of “connection” to the characters, that you might even start crying! If you happen to like it, there’s also a second season and a movie. So go try it out.

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Wiki: BOF
So when I heard about a Korean version, I had very high expectations of it. And I was really disappointed. The two characters in this booger, are okay, really not that great. I found it obnoxious the way she said “Gu Jun Pyo”.  This cast, just wasn’t that amazing…at all…not even good. Everything seemed way too dramatic, and the two main characters made a really weird couple. Like you barely saw their feelings develop, they absolutely had no chemistry. And the sad part is, the series seemed to focus more on the developing relationship of So Yi Jeong and Chu Ga Eul. They focused on it so much, they decided to do a CF! Good looking couple! But I mean this series was purely for eye candy. Sure it had some good parts, but it just lacked. Like there wasn’t even any comic relief. Very serious stuff.

I thought the CF was cute. So here it is!


9 thoughts on “Hana Yori Dango VS Boys Over Flowers

  1. i think that boys before flowers is more impressive than hana yori dango . first when you look at the actors the actors of boys before flowers are more handsome and pretty than the actors of hana yori dango . and it’s also original because they new things and it’s romantic . for the relation of Yi Jeong and Chu Ga Eul i found that it’s a new orginal idea and a romantic one tow . so that’s why boys before flowers is more nice than hana yori dango !!! try to watch all the episodes and you will see

  2. “the actors the actors of boys before flowers are more handsome and pretty than the actors of hana yori dango,” you just prove my point. And I did watch ALL the episodes! So HA! 😛

  3. I like Hana Yori Dango better – I was hoping to like Boys over Flowers, because yes, the boys are very very good looking but I did not like the main girl and the chemistry was definately NOT on Domyoji and Makino – too bad, such dreamy guys plus the girl overacted and her buggy eyes made it hard for me to watch and her haircut enhanced the buggy eyes… otherwise I like her in pictures.

  4. I Love Hana Yori Dango A Lot ..
    Bcuz It’s The Original Version .. BOF Is Just A Remake. *FYI : The Japanese Version Is The Original*
    & The Chemistry Between Makino & Domyoji Is Strong Unlike Jun Pyo & Jandi.

    And No Offence I Don’t Like Jandi At All ..
    I Just Think She’s Not Good Enough 4 The Lead Role.

    PS : Let’s Not Judge Them In Their Physical Appearances ..
    It’s Not A Big Deal If The Guys In BOF Is More Husband Than The Guys In HYD ..
    Lets Judge Them In Their Acting Skills & The Chemistry Between The Two Lead Roles ..

    ~ I’m Just Sying ..

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